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What is ples? >> ples is a set of ReSTful HTTP interfaces to commonly used Open Source databases for the Perl, Python and PHP scripting languages. An application exposes its database to other applications as a REST web service i.e. URI-addressable resources. ples will provide a simple HTTP based mechanism for interoperability between applications and databases over networks and the Internet.

What is ples-utils? >> A hodgepodge of simple, small but very useful programs written in Perl, Python or PHP. For example - untill quite recently there was no way to access hosts.deny/allow from within Python - now we have PyTCPWrap, courtesy of the ples project.

Latest News

  • Change the license agreement for ples to LGPL on 2004-10-21.
  • Can't believe it - September 2004 and yet not one single line of code written. OK - that is if you don't count PyTCPWrap - a wrapper for libwrap (TCP wrappers) which is going to be hosted under ples-utils. Keep watching this space!
  • January 2004. I love to work on this project but - need a little help. The UML is complete (lets rather say good enough to start working) but I don't have time to cut any code. Contact me if you can give a hand!
  • It is mid October and we are little behind schedule. Hopefully the UML will be near complete by end October.
  • First UML framework published on 2003-07-29.
  • The ples project goes online on 2003-07-16.

Open Source Collaboration >> The following pages can be edited on-line (see the KwikiFormattingRules and visit to learn more about a fabulous Kwiki:)

  1. PlesWhatIsRest
  2. PlesSpecification
  3. PlesUml
  4. PlesPerl
  5. PlesPython
  6. PlesPhp.

Please help us to build a solid conceptual framework for this project. Also visit the Source Forge project page for the usual stuff about contacting and joining the development team.